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Big Ray is Oprah’s Book of the Week

Big Ray is available from Bloomsbury USA & Bloomsbury Circus (UK)

:: Vice
"prepare to be utterly punished"

Publisher’s Weekly
"The book reads like a memoir, the entirely believable product of a son grappling with the death and life of his father. The narrator talks frankly of his estrangement and efforts to connect, the abuse he suffered and his mixed feelings; the obituary, he notes, listed those who preceded Ray in death and those who survived him. 'I’m one of the people who survived.'”

:: Urbanite
Big Ray
is "part eulogy, part psychological retaliation, and an entirely devastating whole."

:: Big Ray: Best Cover of the Month @ Vice

:: excerpt of Big Ray @ Vice

Us available from Pasted Graphic
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:: Oprah’s Reading List: "The best little novel you haven't heard about"
“Kimball's clear-eyed prose unlocks the most vulnerable voice ... creating an emotional link that leaves no reader untouched."

The Paris Review
“Michael Kimball’s Us is heartbreakingly lovely ... the writing’s a pleasure, and sometimes you just need to read something with weight.”

Michael collaborates with Cynthia Gray on the Writing Machine project

Ilse Munro writes about Michael’s postcard life story project for the Audacious Ideas series at Little Patuxent Review

:: 5 Stars @
Time Out Chicago: “It’s a simply gorgeous and astonishing book”
"The sentences and even paragraphs simulate the stunned but dutiful response to the suffering of a loved one: short, raw and somewhat elliptical, wrapping themselves around the small tasks at hand and the larger questions constantly raised. ... Kimball’s short chapters cast such a hypnotic spell, the reader is able to plug directly into the character’s grief. It’s a simply gorgeous and astonishing book, the kind that makes the outside world disappear once you open its pages."

Michael’s new novel, BIG RAY, to be published by Bloombsury
Michael just sold the world rights to a new novel, BIG RAY. It's the story of a son coming to terms with the sudden death of his obese father. It's told through 500 brief entries, moving back and forth between past and present, the father's death and his life, between an abusive childhood and adult understanding. BIG RAY went to Kathy Belden at Bloomsbury USA, which will publish in Fall 2012, and Michael Fishwick at Bloomsbury UK, which will publish in Winter 2013.

Michael’s friend and genius Adam Robinson interviewed him about Us for Bomb. Adam asks Michael some impossible questions and Michael tells him what he'd be doing if he wasn't writing novels.

Book Page has named its Top 10 Indie Picks for 2011 and Us tops the list

City Paper named Us to its Top Ten list for The Year in Books, along with books by some of Michael’s favorite writers—Joan Didion, David Foster Wallace, Errol Morris, Lawrence Weschler, etc. City Paper says, in part: "We’re all familiar with the classic boy-meets-girl scenario, but what would happen if the tale kept going? Kimball takes the reader to the end of the love story—the real end—and shows just how crushing it can be. "

JMWW: "Seven months. That’s how long it took for me to fully digest Michael Kimball’s latest book, Us ... at times utterly, unbearingly sad, and others strangely beautiful in its truth."

Charlotte Viewpoint: “Welcome to the Golden Age”
"this examination of love, grief and family makes these universal themes seem achingly fresh. ... Us delivers a powerful emotional experience."

Literary Equations: "The novel is heartbreaking, crushing ... powerfully so. It's the good kind of crushing, too."

:: A five-question, one-minute interview at

:: Video Review of
Us at Momentary Melodies

Jen Michalski asks Michael some questions about BIG RAY over at JMWW -- for instance, how Michael wrote it without anybody knowing.

:: Michael’s Book Notes for
Us @ Largehearted Boy
Largehearted Boy says that Us is "brilliantly written and heartbreaking in all the best ways." Michael’s playlist includes Beck, Wilderness, Neutral Milk Hotel, Mazzy Star, The Cure, Celebration, and a cover of a Blue Oyster Cult song.

:: Review @
Rain Taxi
[Us is] "incredibly raw and unabashedly real ... Kimball wins us over by his impressive emotional authenticity. Us is so authentic that one might mistake it for an autobiography."

Lily Hoang’s “A letter to Michael Kimball” @ HTMLGiant
“Your book, Michael Kimball, is the book I wish I could write. Your book is the book I wish every book could be. It is reification. It is haptic. It is ecstatic. Thank you, Michael Kimball, for Us.”

Time Out New York
"Kimball is an amazingly empathetic writer."

Psychology Today
"Be forewarned: when you pick up Us, Michael Kimball's haunting story of love and letting go, you will not be able to put it down."

Us: Top 10 Best Literary Love Stories
"The story chronicles a relationship that is both bludgeoning in its sheer devastation and yet remarkably–exquisitely–beautiful ... a must read."

:: Interview @
Used Furniture
MIchael talks about Us, Dear Everybody, sadness and reckoning, euphoria and writing, and writing as something that is rendered.

:: Interview with
Caroline Leavitt
Us is "One of my favorite books of the year"

The Faster Times: "A Breathless Humanity"
"... bold and generous. Its greatest strength is the sensitivity with which Kimball explores the complexities of understanding pain and watching someone you love die. Us is a book that evocatively renders the static of sadness into a breathless humanity."

Amber Sparks @ Big Other: “The Book Made It Happen”
"I’ve read review after review of this amazing book that turns back on itself and becomes a sort of self-examination by the reviewer. I think that says more about the brilliance of Kimball’s novel than it does about us readers ... Michael Kimball’s wonderful book ... it fastened itself around my neck as I read, got in my eyes, swam in my bloodstream, infected my brain. The book made it happen. Us became a story about my grandfather, about my husband, about the people I love and the loss I fear."

Outsider Writers Collective
"Michael Kimball is a rare, rare writer, a writer whose empathy knows no limits. He holds the note of loss and his voice never cracks."

:: Two New Stories @
"As entertaining as it is intelligent as it is irreverent, Kimball’s prose is that rare creature that devours while being devoured."

The Love Letter Collection: “As If We Are Not Ourselves”
The artist Cynthia Gray has been collecting anonymous love letters for ten years. It's a beautiful and heartbreaking project and Michael just edited and selected from the most recent batch of love letters. Michael also collected some of his own thoughts and questions about love letters in a kind of editor's letter.

Room 220
"Michael Kimball's stylistic capacities dwarf those of most contemporary fiction writers."

Creative Loafing
An interview with Michael about compression, beautiful documentaries, and the reputation of The Tyrant

New Pages
"I sat down with the book and didn’t get up until I finished without realizing that any time had passed. ... The man’s story is heart-wrenching and he holds onto you without letting go, not that you would ever want him to."

LitCh@t: “A Literary Gem”

Electric Literature: “leaves the reader absolutely floored”
"Kimball wonderfully balances gravity with brevity. That he can pack such an emotional experience into such a small space speaks to his talents, both as a mature authority on relationships and as a craftsman of tight, effective prose. ... Each moment the husband gets to share with his wife becomes a beautiful extension of their time together on earth. ... leaves the reader absolutely floored"

Flavorpill: “Devastatingly Sad”
"One of the saddest [books], and most compelling, ... is Michael Kimball’s gutting new novel,
Us ... We consumed the entire book in one subway ride, and got more than a few strange glances our way as Kimball’s novel caused us to convulse with sobs."

The Stranger
Michael is "the writer you've been dreaming of"

The Big Other: “If death is a sentence, Michael Kimball has found its words.”
"Michael Kimball faces mortality directly, confronting the passionate life in the most poetic sentences I’ve read from a fiction writer in a long time. And by poetic, I don’t mean that the prose is prettified with a lot of adjectives and fancy syntactical flourishes. It is poetic in the sense that the sentences seem made, hewn, created by a mind and hand that love the way we think and talk in sentences. ... After having finished one of the saddest books I’ll probably ever read, I was filled with a strange exuberance. ... If death is a sentence, Michael Kimball has found its words."

The Laughing Yeti: “Where the Sadness and the Love Exist”
"There is this gentility and softness and purity that becomes some kind of being, and this being, by the end of the book, is us. ... There is a gap here in what is actually happening and what is going on in the narrator's head, and it is in this gap where the sadness and the love exist."

"Kimball's naked prose magnifies the poignancy of the situation ... Us is a reminder that we are all tragedies waiting to happen. It makes you aware of the fragility of your own heart, of the dull ache it often carries. Some readers may find Us depressing, but with its awareness comes a gem of appreciation for the life you currently lead, even with its eventual demise. This book shines a laser beam into the deep, dark places in the human soul, and renders them oddly transparent."

HTMLGiant Interview with Matthew Simmons
Matthew Simmons and Michael talked back and forth about
Us as he read it over the course of a few weeks. They talked about the different ways that hearts can break, E.T., blowback, and a bunch of other stuff. Among other things, Matthew says this of Us: ‎"... disarmingly simple, gorgeously structured, and as achingly sad a book as I have ever read. I had to stop a couple of times. I really did. The book’s elderly couple—so painfully aware of the fact that one of them is living the last parts of her life—are drawn so concisely, and the situation is so precisely rendered, it was hard not to spend all my time living in it even when I wasn’t reading the book."

:: Reading and Release Party for Us @ KGB Bar
Sam Lipsyte, Sat, May 14, 7.30 pm :: Elka Reads has a funny and strange write up of the launch party for Us at KGB. The room is crowded. There is an open bar and literary football. Sam gets stalked. The Tyrant tells stories. And Michael reads in a haunting tenor.

The Faster Times: “Achingly Beautiful”
Us is "tightly written, unflinchingly direct, and achingly beautiful." "The prose is as clean as a surgical incision and Kimball dives directly into the dark waters of love and mortality that most writers only dip their toes into. This is a book you should be reading."

:: An excerpt from
Us in #22 of The Collagist

The Nervous Breakdown interview with Jessica Anya Blau
Us might break your heart, but it's a good kind of break-- the kind that reminds you how nice it is to be alive."

Red Fez: “such a painful softness”
"Michael Kimball’s Us is, as much as we may not want to admit it, the story of all of us and what we daily attempt to ignore: that eventually our loved ones, our spouses and significant relations, will either die and leave us or we will die and leave them."

Corduroy Books
Us is such strange magic ... Us brings up something strange and terrifying to consider ... [about] the real beauty and magic of being alive ... It's a gorgeous book."

The Next Best Book Blog
"5 Stars ... Michael Kimball has blown me away with his upcoming release
Us -- a beautiful, heart-wrenching novel"

:: Barn Owl Review calls Us a "devastatingly beautiful portrait of a human being losing the person who matters to him most."

:: BookedinChico
"I even walked to and from school in order to keep reading the novel." "Us moves you, rattles you, and shakes your spirit as a human ... read this magnificent novel."

Chamber Four
Us is "an unflinching account." "Kimball takes many risks in Us and ... the risks pay off, leading to a conclusion that is as surprising as it is inevitable, and deeply satisfying."

An Excerpt of Us @ Corium Magazine

Us, the book trailer by Luca Dipierro

Dear Everybody Now In Paperback

:: Michael on NPR's
All Things Considered
NPR's Madeleine Brand interviews Michael about Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) for All Things Considered.
Listen to the interview, read about the project, and watch the slideshow build-out.

:: Rave of Dear Everybody in The Believer
a "curatorial masterpiece"

:: Us published in Spanish by Tusquets Editores
Lo que queda de nosotros

:: Review of Lo que queda de nosotros in El Placer de la lectura
Pepe Rodriguez calls the novel "a monument to love" ("un monumento al cariño").

:: Remix at Necessary Fiction
Robert Kloss is doing a series of remixes at Necessary Fiction this month. Up today is Michael’s story -- "The Birds, the Light, Eating Breakfast, Getting Dressed, and How I Tried to Make It More of a Morning for My Wife" (which originally appeared in
Open City #20 and is actually an except from Us, which Tyrant Books is bringing out in the spring) -- and then Robert's remix, which removes the context to create a different tone.

:: Ellen Moynihan writes the postcard life story of Michael Kimball Writes Your LIfe Story (on a postcard) @ The Dirty Durty Diary

:: Michael featured in Poets & Writers
Suzanne Pettypiece's profile "Beyond Words" about writers who practice other arts. There's a two-page+ interview where Michael talks about painting.

:: Spotlight on Michael at Dark Sky Magazine
“a generous genius”

:: Review of
The Way the Family Got Away
"Michael Kimball breathes life into American experimental fiction in this moving debut novel."

"This Furniture"
Luca Dipierro's one-minute animation based on a single sentence from Dear Everybody

:: Michael's "Writers Recommend" piece at
Poets & Writers

Brian Allen Carr's great review of Dear Everybody at Dark Sky Magazine
He says a ton of nice things. Here are three of them: (1) "Each moment of it is magical." (2) "Using smooth rhythms, polished tones and humorous observations, Kimball gives us a monster of a family that somehow the reader needs to know." (3) "The explicit humanity rendered throughout, make Dear Everybody a truly great read. That Kimball is able to polish each element–each entry–in the collection to a high sheen evidences a talent not often seen."

:: Review of
Dear Everybody at The Next Best Book Club
"a beautifully crafted collage of life" (5 stars)

:: Review of Dear Everybody at American Chronicle
William Hughes's review begins with this sentence: "Michael Kimball's third book, DEAR EVERYBODY, will kick you hard in the ass!" And then William thoughtfully breaks down the many perspectives in the novel--while also weaving in bits from Eckhart Tolle, Albert Camus, and about his own brother.

:: Review of
The Way the Family Got Away at The Collagist

:: "Michael Kimball Is Perfect" at
Reading Local
"the next great new literary discovery"

Dear Everybody and Zombies @ HTMLGIANT

Emerging Writers Network
"I know of no one ... who knows and understands every cog and flywheel and screw of the language machine to the degree of Kimball's reach."

:: Michael on Reading at The Laughing Yeti

:: Roxanne Gay, HTMLGIANT
"Dear Everybody is one of the finest, most heartbreaking books I’ve ever read ... Kimball writes his characters with a tenderness that moves me profoundly ... The complexity in Dear Everybody builds subtly, but by the end of the book the immensity of the story that has been told is staggering."

:: Nik Perring put up a great little post about How Much of Us There Was, which gets its US later this year with Tyrant Books. Along with some other nice things, Nik says: "How Much of Us There Was broke my heart. ... It is ... utterly brilliant and incredibly affecting."

:: Interview at
Fictionaut Five
In a very nice interview with the good Meg Pokrass at the Fictionaut Five, Michael answers questions about writing the life stories of objects and one of his pseudonyms, Andy Devine, among others.

:: Featured Fiction Writer at
The Nervous Breakdown
Includes excerpts from Dear Everybody and a self-interview

Los Angeles Times Jacket Copy reviews 60 Writers/60 Places
Caroyln Kellogg says, among other things, that "the idea is so beautiful."

:: "Minute Waltz: Local Novelist Michael Kimball Pieces Together a New Kind of Film Narrative in
60 Writers/60 Places"
City Paper's Bret McCabe says, "60 Writers is a wonderful example of literary thinking becoming a visual language." He calls both "Smash" and "60" "disarmingly engaging" and that both films "subtly acc[rue] an emotive force." Plus, he describes Michael as "a tall man of almost instant affability."

:: Dear Everybody named one of the "25 Important Books of the 00s" at HTMLGIANT

:: Dear Everybody is on Flavorwire's Ultimate Hipster Reading List

:: A bunch of suicide letters from Dear Everybody up at Vice, courtesy of the benevolent NY Tyrant

:: Michael will judge Baltimore's first Literary Death Match with Jessica Henkin and Rafael Alvarez (sponsored by Opium Magazine)
A City Paper Critic's Pick

:: Dear Everybody reviewed in Word Riot
John Madera says Dear Everybody is "forever embedded in my brain"

:: City Paper's rave review of I WILL SMASH YOU (critic's pick)
"what emerges from these brief snippets are miniature personality portraits of human beings. It's a misdirection approach to humanity that snugly gels with Kimball's recent endeavors. His output over the past two years or so--2008's
Dear Everybody, a novel of suicide notes; his ongoing, and recently expanded, "Michael Kimball Writes Your Life (on a postcard)" project; his next collaborative movie project with [Luca] Dipierro, 60 WRITERS/60 PLACES--are conceptual conceits, but they would be merely clever if they didn't smuggle intimate interpersonal contraband in the process."

"Kimball and Dipierro have put together a collection of money shots that make you care about who's coming and why. ...
Smash offers vicarious thrills--personal fave is local author Betsy Boyd mirthfully demolishing her car--but it's the reasons why that stay with you when all that's left is rubble."

:: The L Magazine
"Kimball's writing flourishes ... painting a sadly beautiful picture of a childhood and life"

:: Video Review @ Shape of a Box
"A beautiful book, inside and out"

:: Bard on Chinese
Dear Everybody ... touches the heart of hearts ... snowflake-like letters ... exquisite ... the innermost feelings of real feeling ... "

:: Jen Michalski at JMWW interviews Michael about why he opened the life story project to everybody who wants one or wants to write one

The Faster Times: "Michael Kimball is a badass."

:: Bloomington Public Library
"Your heart will ache for Jonathon as he misinterprets the world and struggles to find his place within it."

The Lesser of Two Equals review of Dear Everybody
"Kimball’s background as a poet is apparent in his ability to isolate and frame small moments of a particular character’s experience. Fine attention to detail is exercised both as an art and as a special effect ... It has a surprisingly strong dark humor for being about such a serious topic, his observations are keen and quirky, and he knows how to let imagery make a scene swell. ... This writing spree [Jonathon's suicide letters] has all the highs and lows of a drug binge."

This Blog Will Change Your Life
Ben Tanzer calls Michael "the dark overlord of all things writing, film and interview" and calls DEAR EVERYBODY "moving, even paralyzing"--and notes that "pain can be captured on the page both sparsely and lyrically, an achievement that is magical."

Barrelhouse Mixtape: Indie Lit in Charm City
Barrelhouse Magazine just put up its first Mixtape, which focuses on indie lit in Baltimore. Michael talks with them about Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) and Mike Ingram reads the postcard life story of Barrelhouse Magazine.

Writers on Writing
Michael's new interview column at The Faster Times. Read recent interviews with Gary Lutz, Blake Butler, Rachel Sherman, and Laura van den Berg.

:: Best of Baltimore
Michael is
City Paper's Best Literary Agent of Change

Full of Crow Interview Series
Peter Schwartz and Michael talk about other people, their stories, things to do with sledgehammers, and being honest.

:: Profile of Michael's three novels and other projects in the Mexican journal
Letras Libres
Mauricio Montiel Figueiras calls Michael "one of the authentic innovators in contemporary fiction," compares him to Raymond Carver and Italo Calvino, and says his writing "sings the most intimate tragedies of the Great American Family." Figueiras ends the profile with this: Michael Kimball "is already delivering the future of the novel."

CBS Radio in Dallas interviews Michael

:: The UK paperback of
Dear Everybody now available

:: Dear Everybody: UK Blog Tour Wrap Up

Nik Perring interviews Michael
"The most recent socks-knocker-offer was Dear Everybody by Michael Kimball. It's right up there with the best I've read. Ever."

The View From Here reviews Dear Everybody
"a quiet tour de force" -- "Writing a novel with a moral centre without being ‘preachy’ is not easy. Michael Kimball deserves great praise."

:: Thunk Interview
Ryan Manning asked Michael some questions for his interview blog, Thunk, and he tried to answer them. The questions are more difficult than they first appear to be.

:: Review in Trestle: Taking the Epistolary Form to a Special Place

:: Katrina Denza: Illuminate; Ruminate; Create review
Dear Everybody is a "brilliantly designed novel ... It left me feeling as if the author left a huge chunk of his heart on the page and it is this generosity and depth that left me stunned."

:: In Spring It Is Dawn reviews Dear Everybody
Dear Everybody is "a touching story of human relationships and how they can go wrong, and a story which made me stop to ponder the long-lasting effects our actions can have on others."

:: Interview and Publishing Exclusives in Just William's Luck
William Rycroft and Michael discuss how the book took shape, unreliable narrators, and writing about mental illness. Plus, the interview includes a six-word story and a couple of other publishing exclusives.

:: Writing Neuroses interviews Michael
Kay Sexton asks some really smart questions about structure, the great American novel (and its antithesis), and ghastly characters.

Some letters concerning Michael Kimball and Dear Everybody
Elizabeth Baines writes that Dear Everybody is "striking, witty, and above all moving. ... And here’s the most impressive thing to me – what Michael Kimball has done is to portray formally the fragmentation of a life (yet in a holistic and wholly satisfying way) – something which the form of a traditional novel would belie."

:: How Michael Made Fiona Robyn Cry on Planting Words
"This is Michael Kimball. ... He made me cry by creating a character called Jonathon, and making me care about him as if he were a member of my own family." Dear Everybody is "sweet, sad and completely authentic."

:: Review in Digital Fiction Show
Dear Everybody "lives in the head of the reader after we have read it ... The letters combine to create a wonderful resonance that feels immensely vivid and real ... a lot of writers will read Dear Everybody wishing they had thought of something like this themselves."

:: Lizzy's Literary Life reviews Dear Everybody
"unputdownable ... the most searingly honest and authentic sentiments I have ever read ... I had to pick myself up off the floor at the end ... easily the best read of 2009 thus far."

:: An interview in Lizzy's Literary Life
Michael and Lizzy Siddal have cream tea and discuss the unspoken.

:: Top 5: Novels that You May Not Have Heard Of in 3:AM Magazine
Michael wrote a Top 5 (novels that you may not have heard of) for 3:AM Magazine. Plus, there's a bonus Top 5 for people who have heard of the first Top 5.

:: 349 Pieces: On Writing Dear Everybody in The View From Here
Michael talks about how he tries "to let a novel tell me what it is going to be." It's called "349 Pieces" because that's how many pieces make up the novel.

:: Susan Tomaselli of Dogmatika talks with Michael -- and more
Michael did an interview with Susan Tomaselli for Dogmatika. And then Susan Tomaselli did something amazing with the questions and answers. In the spirit of Dear Everybody, she spliced that interview with photos and reviews and postcards and trailers and her own notes. Plus, she mentions a connection to Oulipo, the first person to make that true observation. Plus, the piece mentions that HTMLGIANT named Michael the International King of Postcards.

:: Me and My Big Mouth interviews Michael
Scott Packs asks, among other things, whether Michael would hug or slap Jonathon Bender if he took corporeal form.

:: Scott Pack reviews Dear Everybody in Me and My Big Mouth
"A wonderful, clever, imaginative and moving book. It really is quite something ... a fucking marvelous book."

:: Just William's Luck reviews Dear Everybody
"the perfect way to tell the story of a man who has fallen through the net"

:: A video of Michael's conversation with Bethanne Patrick on WETA's The Book Studio
Bethanne concludes: "I don’t always say this, so I hope you will indulge me: Read Dear Everybody. It is a work of literary inventiveness and great compassion."

:: Review in Citizen Dick
"stunning...Kimball has crafted an unconventional masterpiece"

:: Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) profiled in The Guardian

:: Review of Dear Everybody in The LA Times
"funny and warm and sad and heartbreaking"

:: Time Out New York - Fall Books Preview
"Missive Impossible: Michael Kimball Reinvents the Suicide Note"
Profile & Review by Michael Miller, Books Editor, TONY

:: Review in The Star-Democrat
"elegantly and eloquently written ... It's an unforgettable book ... I highly recommend it"

:: A. Jarrell Hayes profiles Michael in Examiner.com

:: Fictionaut interviews Michael
Michael talks about a few books that he wishes he had written and what he would do if he weren't a writer

Apostrophe Cast interviews Michael
Michael answers whether he ever had a crush on a literary celebrity

:: Caroline Leavitt interviews Michael at Carolineleavittville
"Read this Book": "Dear Everybody is inventive, ingenious and downright irresistible, a series of letters left behind that present an astonishing life."

:: Listen to Michael read at Apostrophe Cast
"In this intimate epistolary novel, a mentally ill weather man radiates crystalline awareness and luminous delusion while his family and others who knew him try to make sense of his tragic life. Both gloomy and amusing, Kimball's flurry of short short stories remind us of the necessity of communicating and the daunting difficulty of truly connecting."

:: Interview with Michael in Lucy Magazine

:: Review in Bookgeeks
"very affecting, warm" and "wry and funny and sweet"

:: Free signed copy of Dear Everybody at Bookgeeks!

:: A Review and Fan Letter in Minnesota Reads

:: Michael named "International King of Postcards" at HTMLGIANT
"The scope of the thing is just kind of flabbergasting: Kimball as a filter for all these people’s years. I can’t imagine anyone else capable of such an undertaking."

:: Dear Everybody is "one of the hottest, most innovative books of the year"

:: Review in The Junction
5 stars (out of 5): "beautifully heartbreaking" and "a genuine discovery"

:: Interview in Hobart
"Dear Everybody is about a weatherman who commits suicide, and it is heart-achingly good."

:: Review in The Rundown
one of their recommended "gripping books for fall"

:: Review of Dear Everybody in The Citizen
"Kimball does a superb job"

:: Michael's Word reading a TIme Out New York "Critic's Pick"
"Kimball’s book, Dear Everybody, is a truly moving and often hilarious epistolary novel"

:: Review and Profile in City Paper
"Human Destiny Starkly Illuminated"

:: Michael's KGB reading a NY Magazine "Editors' Recommendation"

:: Dear Everybody takes "The Page 99 Test"

:: Radio Interview on City Pulse on the Air

:: Review and Profile in City Pulse
Kimball "scores a hit"

:: Review of Dear Everybody in JMWW
"Kimball has written a book of beauty."

:: Review of Dear Everybody in Baltimore Magazine
"Lightning has struck again with this Baltimorean's book."

:: Michael's Lit Crawl reading a TIme Out New York "Critic's Pick"

:: Michael reads from Dear Everybody on WYPR's The Signal

:: Michael is an Indie Heartthrob!
John Zuarino interviews Michael for Bookslut's Indie Heartthrob Series

:: Interview in Word Riot
Josh Maday and Michael talk a lot about Dear Everybody, but also about Faulkner, Beckett, and Andre the Giant

:: Interview in the Sunday edition of The Baltimore Sun
Dave Rosenthal, the Managing Editor, interviews Michael in the print edition and on their books blog, Read Street

:: Featured Author at Keyhole Magazine
Includes a review of Dear Everybody, an interview with Michael (a podcast and transcript), a conversation between Michael and Karen Lillis about "Form and Feeling," and an excerpt from Dear Everybody

:: Playlist for Dear Everybody at Largehearted Boy's Book Notes
An author creates and discusses a music playlist that is in some way relevant to their recently published book. Largehearted Boy's David Gutowski says: "Dear Everybody is a cleverly constructed book that balances pathos and humor exquisitely, and proves Michael Kimball to be a master storyteller."

:: Review of Dear Everybody in New Pages
"an addictive read"

:: Review of Dear Everybody and Interview in Shooting Stars Mag

:: Review of Dear Everybody on WYPR
“quite a literary feat … the character of Jonathon Bender is stripped down to his emotional core.”

:: Travel Profile in The Examiner
Rafael Alvarez (one of the writers who made The Wire great) writes a profile in the Sunday edition of The Examiner. It's about the cross-country trip Michael took to revise the first draft of The Way the Family Got Away.

:: The Urbanite Magazine
An Interview with Michael that covers a lot of ground -- everything from his first novel to Dear Everybody to what he eats for breakfast

:: An early review of Dear Everybody in the Greenpoint Gazette
"inventive and often extremely funny, but it will also break your heart"

:: “One of the best reads ever
R., Hey Josh

:: A masterly written work of art”
Ane Steenkamp, Life After School

:: BooksQuarterly
"Quirky, and idiosyncratic, this is a very amusing novel that is oddly endearing, and conceals a warm heart beneath its wit."